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Get the Gaga Look: Affordable Lab Created Diamond Rings for Glitz and Glam

Lady Gaga caught all the attention at Oscars this year by exposing a historical rare yellow fancy 128.54 carat diamond by Tiffany on her beautiful neck.

What the heck... Gaga knows how to shock the crowd for them to be loud.

Unbelievably gorgeous in yellow she was. Of course. She knows her value, her wild side, her style. She exceeded all expectations with her magical look - dramatic white hair, designer black outerwear (by Alexander McQueen), nude shoulders, classy long gloves, and witchy unforgettable eyes. - Incredible image by artist. What else?

Like an Angel she walked on the red carpet making men smile, wondering, thinking of her highly and wanting more out of her to be inspired. She is definitely a Muse and she knows how to amuse.

By the way, the Tiffany yellow diamond estimated value is around $30 million. - Only top investors can possess such a treasure in their hands today. But wait..

For all the lovers of natural fancy yellow diamonds, whose budget is tight but appetite is right, I would suggest to explore lab created diamonds, man made with love, and as much as beautiful as natural diamonds are.

Explore, for example, this amazing 4 carat lab created diamond ring. The price is attractive just as the ring is. 

De Beers is highly popular, indeed. - They produce synthetic lab grown diamonds and their charge is $800 per carat. Not everyone can afford lab grown diamonds, still.

Look! You can pay so much less for a high quality lab created diamond in VVS1 clarity purchased from the supplier in India. Yellow stone looks gorgeous and neat. It's a pleasure to wear it. Ring setting is made out of white 14K gold. Appraisal value runs in the range between $699 and up to $1899. You can make this ring yours for $550.00 only.  This deal will not last. 

If you are a lover of Lady Gaga, a free Lady Gaga white rubber bracelet will be sent out to a purchaser to enjoy it during summer time and be hot. That's right. There is nothing to lose but to gain. Verstehen? O'K then.

This offer is unique and will save you money.  - Make this ring yours, now.



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