Welcome to the TEAM page! At Art House Fashion, our team leaders bring a unique perspective to the world of art and fashion. They are a dynamic group of individuals with diverse backgrounds in psychology, visual arts, martial arts, and social and cultural research. Combining their expertise and passion for creativity, they are dedicated to modernizing and reinventing the cult art perspective.

Our team includes a talented photographer with an obsession for capturing beauty. With an artistic eye and technical skill, they expertly bring our fashion creations to life through stunning visuals. We also have a gifted writer who not only shares their independent cultural position through thought-provoking articles but has also surprised us by transitioning into the world of modeling.

But that's not all. We have a model who has ventured into the realm of design, breaking boundaries and adding their unique touch to our collections. And let's not forget our brother-partner businessman, whose strong taste for symbolism adds depth and meaning to our artistic endeavors. He's always pushing us to think outside the box and challenge conventional norms.

And of course, we have a mystical cat who silently watches over us with eyes that seem to hold the wisdom of the universe. Our two-year-old "wild" companion adds an element of surprise and playfulness to our team, reminding us to embrace curiosity and think freely.