Lady Gaga: Unleashing Inner Strength and Inspiring Women

Lady Gaga is something...

Everyone knows how unique and different she is in every way. She is a legend, a Diva, a creator, great performer, accomplisher, a star! - It takes courage to be who you are...  

Lady Gaga is loved dearly. - Openness, freedom, inner strength, smile of a lioness, actions that inspire, beauty that doesn’t fade and is only unfolding more and more as she expands and grows. - It is all about her. 

Like a lotus she is blooming. Love is in her sparkling eyes. Natural talent. Lot’s of beauty. Everyone wants still more out of her.

There is a secret to any woman. This woman stands out on her own. Look at her moves, her manners, her boldness, her class, and her non ordinariness. Listen to her voice... 

Every woman has a voice. Every woman has a choice. Every woman is capable of being beautiful and bright. Every woman can inspire and be inspired to bring difference into this world. 

Lady Gaga is an idol for many. She has money (she earns more than a million from every concert), fame (she is a well known pop star), happiness (she appreciates public love for her to enjoy), strength (many sleepless nights to create self), wit (she knows how to handles self, people and situations that keep challenging her). All her followers can enjoy her character. Lady Gaga, originally named as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is constant, ongoing, and rewarding indeed.


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Gaga Lada. 


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