The process of cult arts being introduced to the general public using new-school media is currently profane, chaotic, and by rare exclusion, harmful to the legacy of the arts and its creators. Legendary art pieces are being printed oversized, medium quality, using inappropriate color and style in their printable media.

It is our vision to introduce a cult arts collection, doing it in the proper art house fashion, to familiar new school media, such as t-shirts, hoodies, totes, device cases, and even mousepads, all of which are naturally embedded in the everyday life of most "regular people". As a result, we eventually develop their taste for beauty and style, and transform them into art appreciators and hopefully lovers.

In search of new forms and products, most brands and designers modify original artworks or use clipping, while we are trying to preserve an original art piece and present it to our special people in its entirety. We do it in the best quality and size for the particular printing media.