- To unify and to integrate art house culture with new school ideas, forms and methodology.
- To recreate the artist's spirit and to revive their original works to a new life in the form of a new school art house.
- To compose a know-how cult collection of classic and modern arts in the spirit of art house that is suitable for printing on fashion garments.
- To constantly increase a variety of the premium quality fashion products, along with new forms for home decor and art prints.
- To unite art house enthusiasts and to create a two-way street relationship with those "special people" having similar art tastes and ideas.
- To both invent and reinvent new forms of art presentation, to employ new and existing forms of "synthetic arts", to expand the use of the arts in all of the aspects of our everyday life.
- With special gratitude to -  William Klein and Polly Maggoo for inspiration, to Rene Magritte for the concept of combining from the unimaginable, and the foremost to Salvador Dali in two regards: for justifying what we do, by saying "The one who replicates nothing, creates nothing" and for admitting to the inevitability of art (r)evolution by saying "Good taste is a killer of all Arts".