Colección: Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch carves a unique space in art history for several reasons:
* Emotional Expressionism: Munch is a pioneer of Expressionism, a movement that prioritizes subjective emotions and experiences over realistic depiction. His paintings evoke powerful feelings of anxiety, despair, and loneliness, often using distorted figures and bold colors.
* The Scream: Munch's most renowned work, "The Scream," is an iconic image that transcends the art world. The anguished figure's existential terror resonates deeply with viewers, making it a universal symbol of modern anxiety.
* Psychological Depth: Munch's art delves into the darker aspects of the human psyche. He explores themes of mortality, alienation, and existential dread in a way that feels raw and unsettling, yet undeniably human.
* Influence on Expressionism: Munch's work significantly influenced the development of Expressionism in Germany and beyond. Artists like Vincent van Gogh and Egon Schiele were inspired by his use of emotion and distortion to convey the human experience.