Collection: Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer holds a special place in art history for several reasons:
* Masterful Printmaker: Dürer wasn't just a painter; he was a printmaking genius. He elevated printmaking to an art form in itself, influencing countless artists with his masterful engravings and woodcuts. His detailed works like "Knight, Death and the Devil" and "Melancholia I" are still admired today.
* Northern Renaissance Bridge: Dürer bridged the gap between the Northern and Italian Renaissance styles. He incorporated the Italian focus on perspective and classical ideals into his art, but also retained the intricate detail and symbolism characteristic of Northern European art.
* Draftsmanship: Dürer was a meticulous draftsman. His keen eye for detail and ability to capture realistic figures and textures are evident in his paintings, prints, and even his self-portraits, which were groundbreaking in their psychological complexity.
* Theoretical Writings: Dürer wasn't just an artist; he was also a writer on art theory. His writings on geometry, perspective, and human proportions influenced generations of artists and helped establish standards for artistic representation.